Prince Chinedu of Eri Kingdom, Nigeria Meets His DNA Cousin

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The African Royal DNA Project is co-founded by Ada Anagho Brown of Roots to Glory Tours, and AdaEze Naja Levoe, the founder of DNA Tested African Descendants . This project is changing the way Africans in the Diaspora view themselves and their connection to their homelands. Slavery was tragic in so many ways, but especially because it disconnected, displaced and destroyed families. Many Africans in the Diaspora are searching for their ancestral homes – our mission is to change the way Africans in the Diaspora view themselves and their families by reuniting those brothers and sisters forcibly removed from the continent to their respective biological families and rightful homes in Africa.

Based in the United States, The African Royal DNA Project is a global network with a secure database of information maintained for the sole purpose of connecting and reuniting DNA tested families. With Autosomal DNA testing, the analysis of a small sample of saliva can identify biological family and ancestry to help our brothers and sisters to find cousins on the Continent.

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